Interview Tips

The interview stage for many is the most daunting part of the job seeking process. Included below are some of our key tips to ensure a successful interview for any position:

Ensure that you are well presented

Always dress corporate, professional and conservative for any interview. You can never be penalised for being too professional unless the job clearly requires you to dress in a certain way.

Be succinct and clear with your answers

Many candidates think that questions from the employer are an opportunity to go into extreme detail about themselves and give long-winded answers, this is not the case.

Employers want succinct and clear answers to the questions they are giving you so that they can ascertain whether you are a suitable fit for the role. Go into detail, but do not go overboard. Talk as little as possible to get the point across. If you are unsure if you’ve said enough, ask if they need more information when you finish answering the question.

Be yourself and Build a Rapport

You were able to get to the interview stage because on paper, your experience matches the needs of the employer. A large part of the interview stage is about building a rapport with the employer and showing them that you would be a valuable addition to their business not just in terms of your professional experience


It is always important to smile and engage with your interviewer in a friendly, approachable yet professional manner. A smile goes a long way.

End the interview the right way

When the employer asks if you have any more questions, don’t feel like you have to come up with a question. If you have one or two that is fine, but make sure they are pertinent to your discussion.

Avoid questions such as “what did you think of me” or “where do you think I sit in relation to other applicants” These kinds of questions will make the employer uncomfortable, which will not help you.

The Online Interview

Whether the interview is in person or not, the same rules apply. However, there are a few extra tips for ensuring your online interview goes well:

  1. Pick a quiet, private place where you will not be disturbed. Your desk or at the living room table would be appropriate, a coffee shop or public park would not.
  2. Ensure that you still dress professionally, as if you were attending in person.
  3. Treat the interview as if it were in person. Follow all of the guidelines and practices required of an in person interview and you will set yourself up for success.
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