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Today we are giving some key takeaways from the REOS Recruitment Insights Report April 2024.pdf (

This report delves into some important trends in the month of April 2024 based on the results of the Australia Governments, Jobs and Skills, Recruitment Experiences and Outlook Survey (REOS) for April 2024. 

Quest Personnel constantly keep an eye on the labour market and current recruitment trends that impact our business and the wider market. We want to share this knowledge and help you to stay updated with the latest insights too.

Our article offers a concise glimpse into the current dynamics shaping the hiring landscape.

Let's break down the key takeaways.

Recruitment: Broadly Speaking

Recruitment activity across Australia, witnessed a marginal dip from employers who engaged in the REOS survey in April 2024. This slight decrease, though notable, reflects a broader trend of stabilisation over the past year.


Regional Realities: A Shift

Regional Australia experienced a notable easing in recruitment activity in April, accompanied by a sharp decline in future staffing expectations. While this insight may be concerning to some, the REOS survey does reflect all employers hiring in regional areas. Quest Personnel hires regionally across Australia.


Challenges in Hiring: Navigating Recruitment Difficulty

Recruitment difficulty increased in April 2024. While this uptick may appear unsettling it's important to acknowledge the significant decrease in difficulty from the peak recorded in July 2022, indicating in the long term a gradual alleviation of recruitment difficulty.


Future Staffing Expectations: Impacted by the Economy

The proportion of employers anticipating an increase in staff numbers in April eased slightly. This nuanced shift in future staffing expectations underscores the intricate interplay of broader economic factors influencing hiring decisions.

Staffing Changes: A Balancing Act

Navigating staffing fluctuations remains a delicate balance. While 11% of employers reported an increase in staffing levels compared to the previous month, a corresponding 9% noted a decrease. These figures highlight the nuanced ebbs and flows inherent in workforce management.


Strategic Recruiting: Filling Vacancies

Filling vacancies remains an important mission for employers. The proportion of recruiting employers unable to fill vacancies within a month saw a slight decrease in April 2024. While this signifies progress from previous highs, it underscores the ongoing challenges in talent acquisition. Quest personnel are here to help with finding top talent.


Navigating Forward

While challenges persist, the nuanced insights provided by the REOS recruitment insights report empower employers to navigate uncertainties with resilience and agility.

In the dynamic recruitment industry, Quest Personnel are leveraging data-driven strategies and embracing innovation in recruitment practices to stay ahead of the current trends.

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