How education and work experience create opportunity

The recent article by Seek, 'A guide to the average salary in Australia' uncovers how both education and work experience intersect with earning potential. 

As recruiters, we provide comprehensive insights into these dynamics to empower our candidates.


Higher education qualifications often correlate with higher earning potential.

Consider these median weekly earnings in Australia based on educational attainment:

- Postgraduate qualifications: $1,893 per week

- Graduate diploma/certificate: $1,726 per week

- Bachelor's degree: $1,578 per week

- Certificate III/IV: $1,342 per week

- Advanced diploma: $1,300 per week

- Certificate I/II/other: $1,174 per week

- No post-school qualifications: $988 per week

As you can see there is a direct correlation between the amount of education completed and earning power. 

Work Experience also plays a pivotal role in how much earning power candidates have the amount of work experience does correlate to a higher earning power.

Work Experience:

1–3 years of experience: In this foundational stage, salaries may reflect entry-level positions as candidates develop proficiency.

4–7 years of experience: Mid-level positions become attainable as candidates demonstrate competence and take on more responsibility, leading to increased earnings.

8–10 years of experience: Seasoned professionals with extensive experience often command higher salaries, especially in leadership roles or when managing complex projects.

10+ years of experience: While candidates may have reached their peak earning potential, continued professional development and specialised expertise can still lead to incremental salary growth or alternative forms of compensation.

By considering both educational qualifications and work experience, candidates can strategically position themselves for career advancement and negotiate competitive compensation packages. As your recruitment partners, we're committed to guiding you toward opportunities that align with your unique skill set and aspirations.

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